Magento Is Indispensable For Your eCommerce Success. Read This To Find Out Why?

Are you clicking around on the web trying to find out which eCommerce framework solution is the best for your web store?

Whether you are revamping your existing estore or migrating to a new eCommerce store, it is a grueling task to find an impeccable solution that suffices all your business needs. Here, I would talk about a perfect framework which is also one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms for shopping cart development.  With three innovative editions – Go, community and enterprise, Magento a beyond compare platform for an online store, multi-store and shopping cart development.

In this eshopolic era, where even toothpaste is purchased online, Magento eCommerce Development is becoming most sought-after platform day by day. No doubt that top search engine recommends approximately 60 solutions, but wise’s select Magento eCommerce platform as it occupies 26% of the market and is highly rated for unsurpassed intensifying features, speediness, responsiveness, and consistency. Since the time of its launch in the year 2008, the demand for Magento is escalating with lightning speed. You might have noticed that a lot of e-companies highly endorse this one to configure. But why so the majority of shopping websites espouse Magento?

Prime Reasons To Choose Magento As eCommerce Platform

Magento eCommerce Development

It is Open Source, it’s free:

Most of the IT consultants place this benefit on the top. Any retailer can get Magento installed rapidly by just following simple instructions without cutting-edge skills and additional help. It means you not only save money but also save plenty of time and energy. Alteration and further usage are also free of cost. If at all you have a good expertise, there is a way to change the core code as per your wish and discover more features and functions after picking corresponding extensions for Magento websites. If you have restricted budget then there are a plethora of free extensions. Although for the ones who are looking for an exclusive solution, professional Magento developers are always available to upgrade your platform as per the newest trend. Flexibility and personalization are two goodies that Magento users would always get.

Enhanced SEO and Marketing:

Deploying a website for your store is not the ultimate point of success. Your store will not make a profit without proper SEO optimization and marketing tools. Truly search engine optimization is a vital consideration in Magento. Each and every eCommerce merchant can harness the benefits from tools such as specifically developed search engine friendly URL’s, inbuilt Google analytics, Google Site Map, newsletter  and more. By using 3rd party components, Magento enables you encompassing these features.  For example, abandoned shopping cart follow-up emails, discount codes and catalog promotion issues also bring in a lot of new customers.

Mobile Optimized:

In the era of rapid mobile development, a flourishing online store has to be mobile-friendly to draw in more customers. M-commerce needs precise built-in features to develop more rapidly. According to reliable sources, over 1.2 billion people are surfing the web using mobile devices nowadays. The most recent releases say that Magento Community Edition 1.9 and Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 maintain responsive design by default.

Wide Assortment of Features:

A state-of-the-art set of inbuilt Magento features improves user experience (UX) and hike up sales potential. The admin interface offers tremendous user-friendliness which enables novice or pro to manage the eshop without any hitches. The list of highly utile and ultimate features are for customization through available structure alternatives.

  • Product up-sell and cross-sell alternatives.
  • Expedient categorization
  • Easy order management.
  • Valuable review and tagging.
  • Expandable product or service characteristics.
  • Rule-based catalog and shopping cart promotions.
  • The multi-tier pricing system for flexible pricing policies based on the target customers.
  • Creating and performing promotional campaigns and exceptional offers becomes effortless.
  • A variety of product types (i.e. simple, configurable, or downloadable items).
  • Shipping preferences gives you the opportunity to select free or paid, multiple shipments for the same order, shipping to multiple locations etc.
  • For interaction with the top shipping companies such as (UPS/USPS/DHL/FedEx, etc.)Plugin interfaces are available.
  • Magento users can pick diverse payment alternatives, which is one of the built-in features such as shipping, multiple payment gateways, and tax rules.
  • Effective order and customer management. Admin views all customer orders. Creating, editing, and achieving them instantly as per the customers want is possible.

Amazing customer service and user support:

An appropriate user account is a primary thing which may lead to lot many customer issues.  Magento supports to create and enhance a customer account with a wishlist, order history and a lot more for well-organized eCommerce. The visitors will without a shadow of a doubt enjoy such functionality like order tracking, contact us form, confirmation emails and live chat offered by this platform. Moreover, Magento extension library proffers a wide assortment of solutions to meet any specific business requirements. The experienced developers of Magento ensure to integrate highly accessible and robust features in your eCommerce store.

Highly-Scalable Solution:

Magento is one stop solution for your eCommerce business. It is flexible to any kind of changes rapidly without destructing the system. You can avail ready-made extensions or hire Magento developers to grow successfully. If you have any queries pertaining to how effectual Magento eCommerce Development will be for your retail business, just take a glance at the world-class companies that has opted for Magento platform e.g. Harpers Bazar, Nike, Fiji Water, and Olympus. To put it plain ¼ of all eCommerce have chosen this specific software.

Convenient Search:

The search is the most important factor of eCommerce experience. The search feature of the Magento uses an advanced technology that covers auto-suggestions, faceted search and spell check. It provides ease to your customers to find exactly what they are looking for by eliminating the effort of surfing long product listings.

Multi-Store, Multi-Currency, and Multi-Lingual:

By counting on Magento eCommerce web development, you can launch multi-store on a single installation, to augment your business. This will help a retailer operate an online store in different countries. The cost of products and services can be set in diverse currencies. Furthermore, due to its flexibility, you can fine-tune the entire shop to any language you wish to. Here, you get the benefit of easily using multiple language within a single or multiple shops.

Exceptionally Modular Architecture:

Comprehensive customization on both front-end and back-end are possible with Magento framework. Its themes and personalization features allow execution of the business objectives as well as web design needs without any unfavorable end-results of the complete system.

Specialized Analysis and Reporting:

With a Magento Online store a user automatically gets definite reporting and analysis tools. These instruments provide valued insights to decide bestsellers, search terms, the volume of merchandized goods periodically, most viewed products, taxes, revenue and shipping costs. Therefore to check the overall performance of your eCommerce store integrate with Google Analytics and exact sales reports.

Why Choose Techno Infonet For Magento eCommerce Development?

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