7 Foolproof Time-saving Tips and Tricks for AngularJS Developers

AngularJS, the masculine hero that has taken the world of web development for a ride, has millions of fans owning to its features and functions. Many AngularJS web development companies are doing a commendable job to bring out the best from all the technical aspects that have been laid out for them. A web development company’s name and popularity are all affected by the human resources that it is having within it. It makes sure to select the best of developers that ardently contribute to the goodwill of the company.

An angularJS web developer should not only be proficient in Javascript and AngularJs but should also be aware of the tiny steps that will lead them to a faster growth and success. So what are those tiny steps? The following paragraphs will answer the above-mentioned question.

Let us have a look at some of the technical tips and tricks that will help you in saving your time to make some of the best and most cherished web solutions.

Differentiate the things that would be put on scope and that which will be put in the controller. Do not overload your scope as it is the one that would be scrutinized quite efficiently. Once you are done with your directives the remaining should go as variables in the controller.

Data is the king of an application make sure that it is able to make its presence in all possible places so as to avoid being misguided. All the important elements must be put ints place properly so as to make the data available on the UI.

Learn to tame your Dependency Injection techniques so that you could easily glide your way to success. Make efforts to understand it thoroughly making it the only way to work with services or any other dependencies.

Always make it a point to play between the controllers. There are two methods that should be used extensively to communicate between the controllers and they are service and fire events. Exclusively using these two events will save your time quite considerably.

The DOM manipulation should be restricted to your Directives. Avoid doing the DOM manipulations in your controllers.

Batarang chrome extension is one of the best and most sought after methods to debug your application. Make extensive use of this technique to make your work quite smooth.

When you become more and more familiar with your codes and consoles you will be able to find all the ways in which the work could be achieved within the shortest period of time. Moreover, it is the determination and the perseverance that will take you to creating results that are quite elegant in nature. Moreover, you could save the file every time you complete a chunk of work so that next time if you break any functionality you could easily fix it with a simple Undo. An AngularJS web development company will benefit more from hiring a developer who is proficient with these basic and simple steps that will bring out some of the most admirable results of all time. 


Pressing a choice for WordPress developers for hire !

With the passing of time, WordPress has popped up as one of the most sought after content management systems. We have companies heading here and there for services that consummate WordPress.

Today many business firms are opting the most trodden path that leads to appreciation and recognition. Within a short period of time WordPress has become the most sought after content management system. It is one of the best content creation tools that is loaded with marvelous themes, countless plugins, huge community and much more that has taken WordPress to an absconding level.

We have companies who want to have a website of their own and they are even sure about the tool that would be put to use for developing a website. Now the only matter of concern for them is whether they should opt for a freelance WordPress developers for hire or a WordPress agency for hire ?

Every situation has its own set of profits and losses. Hiring a freelance WordPress developer has its own advantages and disadvantages whereas hiring an agency has its own set of baggage to be carried around. Let us glance through the consequences of hiring a freelance WordPress developer and a WordPress Agency

Hiring a freelance WordPress developer:

A freelance WordPress developer comes with a low range budget and hence becomes convenient for all those companies especially the small and the newly emerging ones who do not want to burn a hole in heir pockets. A freelancer web designer will take you through a variety of experience that helps in making your site admirable in nature that eventually improves the traffic content. An experienced freelance developer would have developed a multitude of other websites and hence would be familiar with the in and out of the WordPress functions. This adds to the advantage of the business. You can ensure flexibility where a freelancer easily adapts to the changes around him and makes an impact with his impeccable website.

Hiring a WordPress agency:

Hiring a WordPress agency would be quite a big investment which will bear fruits with time and patience. An agency consists of a group of professionals and this helps in the making of a flawless website. When we give the responsibility of creating a website to an agency we get a handful of brains working on the same project and this helps in bringing about a quality of work which to a large extent affects the ranking of the firm. Whenever a problem or an issue arises you get it solved immediately as they have an experience and expertise in solving the problems related to the WordPress sites. The deadlines are strictly adhered to and you can ensure a timely completion of your work.

Whether to go for an agency or a freelance WordPress developers for hire ultimately depends on the choice and convenience of the firm. Needs and requirements differ from person to person and this to a large extent affects the decision-making process.

WordPress Designing Trends That Companies Need To Look Out For

Ever since its release, WordPress has impressed millions of users with its easily customizable features and great content management techniques. Being a leading CMS (content management system) that mainly started as a blogging tool, WordPress is now widely used by developers to create scalable and versatile websites that come with different functionalities. More companies are now choosing to hire WordPress Experts because of the strategic advantages that it provides in site creation. So let’s check out some of the most popular design trends with the WordPress CMS that are sure to stay in the near future as well.

SVG images:

SVG images
SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics have literally changed the way we use graphics and logos and view them in differently sized screens. With new computing devices being introduced almost every day, users are bombarded with screens of different sizes and pixel densities. In such cases, we need to have images that can be viewed properly in all of these screens. SVG images are small scalable images that can be used for presenting different versions of graphics and logos for the differently-sized screens. The main reason why SVGs look sharp on screens of all sizes is that they are made of mathematical data about shapes and curves without the use of any actual pixels. Moreover, SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) also allow you the flexibility to animate and style them as you wish. You can create single file icons that respond promptly according to user behavior.

Mobile-oriented design:

Mobile-oriented design
Any WordPress theme that you use should be responsive for mobile devices and platforms. Unless this is so, it can have disastrous effects on your overall site. However, many web designers may ask that why should one invest so much in mobile friendliness of a site when still many people prefer using the desktop for their browsing purposes. After all, there are still a lot of functions that can only do well in desktops instead of mobiles. The answer to that will be it totally depends on the behavior of your target users. If you think that most of your users prefer to browse your site on the mobile, you should invest in a mobile-friendly site. On the other hand, if you think that most of your visitors come from your desktop site, then you do not need to immediately invest in a mobile website.


Microinteractions involve miniature WordPress design
Microinteractions involve miniature WordPress design elements that encourage your users to take part in small but meaningful activities. By encouraging user participation, it ensures a better experience for the users as well as the site itself. Some of these activities include asking them to rate a particular content or express their views in a remarks box, choosing other articles and blogs to read, answering poll questions and even rating a blog entry or an image. Such acts make users feel that they are actively engaged with the content instead of passively viewing it.


Infographics have attained immense popularity in the last few years. They have greatly improved data presentation techniques and have also made it an engaging experience for the readers to go through large chunks of vital information within a short time. However, as most companies use this method nowadays, it has become necessary for companies to be unique with their infographic designs so that it can produce the desired effects.

Modular designing:

Modular designing
Another WordPress designing technique that has gained a lot of ground in the recent times is a modular design. Ideal for situations when a lot of content needs to be put inside a website, it involves subdividing the website into smaller sections all of which are self contained. It also offers visual patterns to users that can be easily recognized. Modular designing allows site visitors to directly get into sections that are most interesting to them. Sites that make use of minimalistic elements and flat designs often incorporate modular designing as it allows them to boost the content and shape of the spare elements in a page.

WordPress designing techniques are going through a change in the recent times and while these above mentioned techniques are still capable to produce the desired results, it is still necessary to reinvent them so that they can have the maximum impact. It is for this reason that companies are choosing to hire WordPress developers that are capable of combining innovation with effectiveness in order to create sites that are functional and meaningful for the end users.

Why Your Enterprise Must Pick Android Platform For Apps Development?

In today’s mobility industry, smartphones have become the backbone of business with rapidly emerging technological innovations. A large number of enterprises are trooping towards mobility solutions to increase efficiency and improve profitability. Also, nowadays, some mobile phones are so advanced that it is like carrying an advanced computing device in one’s pocket.

With multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and more that power our mobile devices, there arises a serious question for freelance developers as well as mobile app development companies that which mobile platform should be used? A solution to this question is inevitable before one starts developing a mobile application for their business.

The answer to it is Android.

Android App Development

Android is one of the most favorite platforms for enterprise mobile app development as it enables the business to reduce overhead and save cost & time, providing new business possibilities. Android also fuels custom development for building robust enterprise apps that foster business to function more professionally and reach greater heights.

Take a glance at the reasons for opting for Enterprise Android App Development

Android SDK offers extremely flexible and modern development framework with rich user experience. Android also helps in integrating several third-party APIs with the application, therefore catering to the business growth.

Android meets the requirements of the business for different types of apps like an app that bolster the entire system, or sub-system, or an app that powers the system itself. Android app is useful to various business industries as it delivers dynamic and scalable enterprise solutions.

Android apps are also cost-effective to develop and help in achieving the objectives of an enterprise in a simple yet effective manner. Android apps are also user-friendly, making it much easier for businesses to espouse BYOD policy.

Android apps make it effortless for enterprises communicate information, simplify conversations and work in-sync.

Android apps help to secure the confidential information of a business, thus decreasing the risk of trade secrets being revealed. Enterprise Android apps have robust security features to put an end to data theft.

Enterprise Android mobile applications can be integrated with Google Analytics, which gives information about users, their demographics, why users contact you, real-time reporting of customers using your apps and more. Enterprises can get a clear idea of how users interact with their app.

Android OS lets you build a feature-rich app with numerous enterprise- centric functionality and focus on usability aspect of generating great results.

Android app development will support your business in enhancing productivity, boosting employee responsiveness, ensure efficient customer service, improving sales revenues and upsurging the brand identity.

In a nutshell

Taking everything into account, enterprise-level Android apps helps business to operate seamlessly and bring in a higher ROI! Android is just the perfect platform for a simple as well as critical technical customization for creative enterprise mobile app.

Moreover, if you develop your app in Android, you only need to list yourself as a developer on the Android market, make your APK and submit it to Android. The entry barricade for Android is much lower as the approval process is quite elementary, which is not the scenario with its competitors.

Significance of User Experience Optimization

For creating rich and engaging user experience, there are many factors to take into consideration, although web performance is most important of all. A web application with a poor speed makes it tough to retain existing users and improve loyalty. Due to this reason, big brands are proactive with performance, approach techniques, and user experience design. If you also want a good traffic on your website and keep your visitors highly interested, informed and inspired, then you should choose to hire an experienced user experience designer.

Infographic on tips for great user experience

Will Your Ecommerce Business Succeed In This Mcommerce Age?

All of us know that eCommerce is continuously evolving part of the greater retail and commerce vista, but do you know that mobile commerce is evolving at an even faster pace? Nowadays leaving your smartphone at home is like leaving the house without wearing shoes on. Seeing the rising numbers of smartphone and tablet users, this is comprehensible, although there are many more eCommerce merchants who haven’t been matching the pace with the ongoing trends and still serving mobile users with their un-optimized and unresponsive online store that are prone to driving mobile customers away.

According to the Comscore researchers, a radical change has been observed in the global users on Desktops and mobile. The number of desktop users has decreased from 19.1% in 2014 to 10.6% in 2015. On the contrary, the number of the mobile users has increased from 10.8% in 2014 to 11.3% in 2015. Moreover, a mobile device is used for about 7.3 hours in a week, to browse the web, which is indeed a high average. In fact, the mobile search conversion is recorded approximately 93% which clearly state that mobile usage is in the trend.

Here are a few points you will have to keep in mind before shifting gears to mobile.

Mcommerce is revolutionizing ecommerce

  • Developing a Dedicated Mobile Application:

The majority of the mobile devices lacks computing power and storage as much as desktops have. So, when a user tries to access a website using a Web browser on a mobile device, the experience is not as great. Dedicated mobile applications, usually called, “apps,” are programs that are customized for a particular device. No doubt that Apps are able to bring into play the strengths of that device’s architecture. They also enable user-friendly access to a certain website, still mobile devices are not as consistent as desktop computers. There are a number of popular platforms on which mobile devices function. The development, deployment, support, and maintenance of dedicated apps for a huge range of devices can be too expensive. Thus, you will have to make a decision based on your financial anticipation from the m-commerce business. That will assist you in determining whether should or should not invest in dedicated apps.

  • Separate Website for Mcommerce

Although dedicated apps provide superior user experience, many users will habitually access your ecommerce store using a Web browser on their smartphones. For that reason, your website must be mobile device friendly. Even though such a website cannot offer the user experience a dedicated app can offer, but it is better than a traditional website on a smartphone. You will have to make many compromises if you design a website that functions for desktops as well as mobile devices both. Other than that, you can choose to have one website for mcommerce, and another for ecommerce. The drawback of the separate website idea is the repetition of work in maintaining the common components of both the sites.

  • Design a visually attractive website for a small screen

Elegant graphics and rich media might make a website look alluring on a desktop computer. Nevertheless, the tiny screen of a mobile device requires a different design approach altogether, instead of pushing your existing website design on a mobile screen. It is advisable to start with a clean board.

  • Paying Enough Attention to Security

Security can turn out to be the pain point of mcommerce. Though security can never be sure-fire, you should allot sufficient resources to it. If security goes amiss, the suggestions could kill the best-designed mcommerce game plan.

Despite the fact that the points stated above are evergreen, your decision must evolve over time. As technology makes a headway and choice of customers change, you should meet ends. Or else, your venture into mcommerce will turn out to be an expensive mistake. So, get in touch with a leading ecommerce web development company and know how they can help you in outshining.

What does the current trend suggest about the eCommerce to Mcommerce move?

With the advent of Mobile, mcommerce has been adopted greatly by the consumers who find it useful and easy to shop on their mobile devices. One more very remarkable statistic demonstrates that there has been a progression of 174% in the lifestyle and shopping apps, especially in the past year. The growth of revenue in the mobile commerce sector, also speaks volumes regarding the power of mobile commerce. It is difficult to ignore this sphere of shopping, and developers, as well as, retailers, need to think through m-commerce. Actually, it’s the right time to shift from eCommerce to mcommerce, says a lot of acclaimed ecommerce web Development Companies.

One of the uncomplicated ways retailers have implemented to go mobile is to make their e-commerce websites mobile friendly and responsive. In this manner, the users navigate to the mobile friendly site, while accessing the website from the mobile. Thus, online merchants are not using the full competence of being present on the mobile. A mobile app is an opportune way of shopping, and finishing the payment procedure. You have the app interface made to suit the appearance and appeal of a mobile device.

According to the PayPal stats, nearly 64% of the users shopping on a mobile device, make use of shopping apps to complete their purchase. The reason is the interface, which is suited for the mobile device, and the ease it offers is better than a mobile website. A systematic m-commerce solution is one that will undeniably offer the best user experience, which is why a lot of retailers are moving to mobile commerce.

The Final Words

If you have decided to move to eCommerce to fulfill the requirements of mcommerce, you should totally focus on creating a cutting-edge mobile app that is not just user-friendly in context to the interface but also in terms of checkout and payment procedures.

Is your Mcommerce App Ready for Ongoing Holiday Season

Technology has a momentous impact on shoppers this holiday season. Many researchers and marketers predicted that this holiday season would be the year of mobile commerce, and they are not wrong. As forecast said there is a highest peak of mobile traffic, app downloads and sales. Unfortunately, a lot of online stores are not yet ready with their M-commerce store which might result in missed sales and crashes. Thus, check out this last minute preparation for M-commerce and keep the ball rolling this holiday shopping season.

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Choose A Digital Marketing Agency To Prosper Your Business Rapidly

With the radically changing modern technologies, businesses are doing everything possible under the sun to survive in the cutthroat competition. The majority of enterprises of this digital arena are espousing digital techniques and tools to outshine the rest.  However, digital marketing nowadays has turned out to be extremely complicated owing to which several businesses do not succeed in the marketing campaign to popularize products and services. If you in reality want to be successful online, you need the assistance of digital marketing firm, also known as an Internet marketing company. For gaining real digital marketing results, Internet marketing companies can help by positioning you on top of the search engine results on Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

How does a Digital Marketing Company Work?

Digital Marketing

A distinguished digital marketing company, namely, Techno Infonet performs a lot of role counting selection of highly searched keywords to bring in a number people who might be interested in the product or service offered. Such agencies eschew Black Hat SEO techniques which Google is allergic of. They foster a long term SEO method or strategy to deliver improved results for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Are you naïve about the SEO? Then you hire a professional SEO expert who can help you in creating the marketing strategy, making use of numerous social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, FB, Twitter and more. Remember, if you wish your business to achieve its marketing objectives, you must adopt social media marketing to get the best results from your marketing blueprints. The SEO hired will manage your website as well as social media networks to entice maximum visitors.

Create Web Design To Engage Customers

Simply drawing in the visitors and creating customer engagement to the website are two different activities. To keep up the targeted traffic to the website and converting visitors into customers’ requires an extremely compelling website, with an excellent user experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI). The digital marketing agency may support you to touch both the user’s mobile and desktop by using responsive web design that will make your site view able across all the devices. The web page designing is a skill, which only experienced web designers can do impeccably. Digital marketing pros have all the advanced capabilities to change the website layout and design as per the modern users. Therefore, to make the most of your digital marketing campaign, it is vital to hire the services of the agency who can guide you the prudently.

Advantages of hiring digital marketing agency

In the current digital world, 80% of the buyers use the internet to gather information, reviews, feedback of products and services. As the business owner, you will be able to connect with your targeted customers who spend nearly 23% of their time searching for things online. So, hiring digital marketing company will offer,

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Cost-effective internet marketing services
  • Adopt latest marketing techniques
  • High Return on investments
  • More satisfied and loyal customers
  • More retained customers
  • Help in connecting to your mobile users across the globe
  • Enhanced brand presence and more.

Search engine marketing techniques to stay on the top of the SEO game

In the current digital world, collecting information from the social media sites is widespread. For generating traffic to the website, marketing agencies make use of search engine marketing techniques that are more result-driven compared to the expensive traditional methods. To grow your business digital marketing is the key solution, offering effective services that will identify and enable you to reach out to the target customers seamlessly. With the help of various digital marketing tools like websites, social media platforms and emails, full-proof strategy and interactive content the internet marketing firms will carve an online reputation that encourages customers’ loyalty.

Techno Infonet is a renowned Digital Marketing Agency, offering smart search engine optimization, Mobile SEO, Local SEO, PPC management, eCommerce SEO and Social media marketing to boost your business digitally. Hire us to take your business to the next level.