How to create a WordPress website that resembles excellence?

WordPress, one of the best content management systems in town, has managed to steal millions of hearts with its convenience. The plethora of themes and plugins, the ease with which it could be understood, the variety that it conveniently sports; all contribute to the popularity of this free and open source content management system. The prominence of WordPress has made way for a plethora of websites being powered by its glory. Creating a website should not be the ultimate goal, rather the aim should reflect supremacy in crafting web solutions.

6 Basic tips to create a commendable WordPress website

Here are a few tips that will help you in creating a WordPress powered website that resembles excellence.


1. Start out by creating a well-disciplined workflow

Always start the process with a well-defined plan, so that you know how to go about the entire process. The workflow should very well emote a sense of discipline so that the work is completed at a given point in time. Setting a feasible deadline will make it easy to automate the development process.

2. Know the in and out of WordPress

It is always advisable to have a thorough knowledge of this free and open source content management system. Rather, if you hire WordPress developer India, make sure that he is well acquainted with the nuances of WordPress so that all the important techniques are taken into consideration in crafting a commendable WordPress website.

3. Make your website resistant to frauds and black hat practices

With all the glitz and glam, do not forget to secure the website with the right security features. Make generous use of all the security plugins so that your website remains immune to frauds and black hat practices. Wordfence security, iTheme security and BulletProof security to name but a few security plugins that should not be given a miss. Apart from this, make efforts to update your WordPress powered website to all the latest updates that WordPress doles out on a regular basis.

4. Keep a track of all the important updates and plugins

WordPress constantly doles out updates that need to be properly adhered to so that the websites do not lose its sheen. Moreover, it also has a plethora of plugins that makes website development easy and a justifiable process.

5. Keep the bugs off the platter

Learning to develop a website should not be the ultimate goal of a developer, rather they should be proficient enough in solving bugs so as to maintain the authenticity of the website. You could consider to hire WordPress developer India who is well versed in solving bugs and creating a neat and clean WordPress powered website.

6. Optimize thoroughly

The codes that are being used to craft websites should be well optimized as per the WordPress standards so that you do not end up with any kind of discrepancies. Be it with images, codes or contents make sure that it is well optimized. Moreover, a well-optimized website makes it easy for Google search engine to spot and rank the website on the Google pages.

Final Note

Above-mentioned are some of the basic points that will help you in crafting a WordPress powered website that resembles excellence. Creating a WordPress website requires more than just an idea. It all depends on how the nuances of creating a website are understood and the amount of precision put into the entire process. Having said this, a certain amount of passion and dedication to do a task also coats the proficiency of a website.


6 Steps to becoming a pro in WordPress Development

WordPress – the most sought after content management system, saw a very feeble beginning which later on gained momentum with each new advancements and updates. WordPress was used by 27.5% of the top 10 million websites until February 2017. The popularity of WordPress has accentuated the need to hire dedicated WordPress developers India, UK, Australia and many other countries of the world.


A WordPress developer always looks out for ways to keep on improving his skills as the world of technology seldom encourages stability. Inventions and innovations have given way to updates, plugins and many new features that WordPress embraces and makes the world to do the same with the passage of time. This makes it necessary for all the developers to remain abreast with the most popular content management system.

6 Ways to hone your WordPress Skills

Let me take you through the steps that will enlighten you on the different means and methods to keep your WordPress Skills honed from time and again.

1. Take help from the online sources

The popularity of WordPress has given rise to many young enthusiasts providing online courses that prove to be useful for other amateur WordPress developers or those who wish to sharpen their skills from time and again. The internet is floating with many online tutorials and courses that will help you in polishing your WordPress skills. You can take help from the online courses that will help you in sharpening your WordPress skills without you having to spend a huge amount of money. Take steps to enroll yourself in these courses and get yourself well acquainted with all the latest techniques to stay ahead of the pack.

2. Attending the web developer’s conferences

The WordPress developer’s conferences are yet another important source where you could be entitled to sharpen your skills and expertise. Conferences are one of the best breeding places where you could find great brains all coming forward to share and discuss the various trends and advances in the world of WordPress. When you attend these conferences you not only gain knowledge but also get the opportunity to increase your connections and take their help as and when the need arises. Hence take steps to be a part of these tech conferences where you are sure to get yourself enlightened with all the latest technical information.

3. Keep an eye on the news

The popularity of WordPress has made it one of the prominent facets of the technical world. This has encouraged a lot of people giving the service to keep on updating other WordPress users on the latest trends and advancements that WordPress witnesses. There are many sites that keep a track of the latest changes and updations that take place in the WordPress world. Moreover, they also offer the service to keep all those people in contact updated with the latest updates and advancements. You can subscribe to these websites and get daily updates on what is going on in the WordPress era. This way you can remain in sync with the latest trends and fads.

4. Keep visiting the social world

Social media is one of the most populated places that the online world loves to visit. It has changed the entire definition of communication with just a few clicks here and there and you get to do all the basic things that we do on a day to day basis. It is one of the most powerful mediums to get yourself acquainted with the latest trends and techniques that the WordPress often witnesses. This way you can improve your WordPress skills.

5. Keep on experimenting

When something new arrives in WordPress, it is always advisable to first test it on your website before implementing on your client’s website. This makes it easy for you to test, modify, look out for bugs and also makes it convenient to use coding techniques which when messed can be rectified as per your convenience. Many companies are looking forward to hire dedicated WordPress developers India and many other parts of the world would love to cherish their services.

6. Keep on exploring

Apart from the desire to get yourself acquainted with the updating trends and needs, you also need to attempt all possible methods that the world of WordPress has doled out for you.

Final Note

Life in itself is a journey where each and every person keeps on learning. The day the person stops learning, he stops progressing. Same is the case with WordPress, all the developers need to make a consistent effort in learning, exploring and experimenting with WordPress so that they can sharpen their skills to stay ahead of the pack. If you have just entered the WordPress world or have a good amount of experience, you need to keep on learning to get the best possible results.

6 Secrets to hiring the most eligible WordPress developer!

WordPress has almost become ubiquitous on the online platter. With its increasing popularity, the people who know the knack of developing web solutions powered by WordPress have started gaining accolades.

Hunting down a good WordPress developer? Well, let me give you an idea of some of the places where you could probably find an eligible WordPress developer. A blog community, social media sites, bidding sites could be searched upon for your much desired WordPress developer. Another important decision that you need to make is whether you want to hire a free-lance or a full-time WordPress developer.


Guidelines for selecting an efficient WordPress developer

Before you zero in with your decision there are certain criteria that should be fulfilled before you hire a WordPress developer.

  • Know what you want. List down your thoughts and ideas as to how a website should be presented, by when it should be hitting the floors, How will it look like, what would be its functionalities and the list continues. Make sure that you have an answer for all the above-mentioned questions before you take your next step.

  • The next step is to critically acclaim the qualities that you wish the WordPress developer should have. This will make your job even easier.

  • The person should not only have a sound educational qualification but should also have a good amount of experience in developing web solutions powered by WordPress.

  • Once the website has been deployed the work does not end here. One needs to take steps for its maintenance and support. Make sure that the person you intend to hire will work with the same enthusiasm after the website has been deployed for its maintenance and support.

  • Good communication skills goes a long way in making a really good website that is sure to bring out the best of both worlds. A person with good communication skills will not only be able to communicate better but also understand well what the client wants.

  • Last but not the least – finance is yet another deciding factor that decides whom to select. With quality comes price and hence if you want to hire a highly qualified as well as experienced person yo should be ready to pay a price for it. Do not settle for someone who is less qualified just because he is economically cheap as this might affect the quality of your work.

Final Note

You could go for a freelance developer or hire a full-time WordPress developer. The choice entirely vests upon you. You could easily make the best use of available resources as they are the stepping stones to your success. Hire WordPress developer after meticulous evaluation of all the available options in the market so that you do not regret your decision.

Sketch – The first step towards fostering a great website!

Planning to make a new dish? What would be your first step? You note down the recipe so that you do not leave a chance of something going wrong or out of place. The next thing that you would do is getting it all arranged on the kitchen platform – all diced, sliced, the exact quantity of spices taken. This will make the entire cooking process systematic and organized for the best of results. The same method when followed for a website designing and development, would go a long way in creating the best of designs.

So, how do you start with your website designing process? Begin with sketching out what you exactly want to display on the online platter, followed by the sketch to HTML conversion process and development that gives way for a fully functional website. Sketching gives you a rough idea as to how the final results would be.


Advantages of sketching out your ideas:

Still not convinced as to why use sketch before your web development process? Let me take you through some of the advantages of sketching.

1. It’s a time saver. If you sketch out your ideas way before they are put into execution, you could save up on all the errors that were detected at the time of sketching and planning out things. This indirectly saves your time.

2. Verbal descriptions can sometimes prove to be quite misleading as there are chances of the idea or concept being misunderstood by the designer. When you have a sketch ready it will be much easier in conveying your thoughts and ideas to the concerned person.

3. Sketches emphasize the detailing of the website that would soon be launched on the platter. When you have a visual description things turn out to be quite easy and convenient at the development stage.

When you start out with a sketch you tend to be more and more clear in your thoughts and ideas as you get to the core of your ideas. Another important thing is that you get the idea as to how to go about with the things. Sketching would broaden as well as clear out your vision.

It helps in giving shape to all your concepts that were churning in your head. This way you could lay out a design on your platform. Basically, you set out a foundation for your website.

Final Note:

The road to success comprises of ideas and thoughts that would need a proper planning and implementation. The creation of a website too undergoes the above-mentioned ideas and plans for a fully functional website. The creation of a website too has a list of process and stages so as to get a good direction in terms of the end results. Before the sketch to HTML conversion takes place, the development of a website has to begin with an idea that needs to be given a platform for an existence. 

WordPress Designing Trends That Companies Need To Look Out For

Ever since its release, WordPress has impressed millions of users with its easily customizable features and great content management techniques. Being a leading CMS (content management system) that mainly started as a blogging tool, WordPress is now widely used by developers to create scalable and versatile websites that come with different functionalities. More companies are now choosing to hire WordPress Experts because of the strategic advantages that it provides in site creation. So let’s check out some of the most popular design trends with the WordPress CMS that are sure to stay in the near future as well.

SVG images:

SVG images
SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics have literally changed the way we use graphics and logos and view them in differently sized screens. With new computing devices being introduced almost every day, users are bombarded with screens of different sizes and pixel densities. In such cases, we need to have images that can be viewed properly in all of these screens. SVG images are small scalable images that can be used for presenting different versions of graphics and logos for the differently-sized screens. The main reason why SVGs look sharp on screens of all sizes is that they are made of mathematical data about shapes and curves without the use of any actual pixels. Moreover, SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) also allow you the flexibility to animate and style them as you wish. You can create single file icons that respond promptly according to user behavior.

Mobile-oriented design:

Mobile-oriented design
Any WordPress theme that you use should be responsive for mobile devices and platforms. Unless this is so, it can have disastrous effects on your overall site. However, many web designers may ask that why should one invest so much in mobile friendliness of a site when still many people prefer using the desktop for their browsing purposes. After all, there are still a lot of functions that can only do well in desktops instead of mobiles. The answer to that will be it totally depends on the behavior of your target users. If you think that most of your users prefer to browse your site on the mobile, you should invest in a mobile-friendly site. On the other hand, if you think that most of your visitors come from your desktop site, then you do not need to immediately invest in a mobile website.


Microinteractions involve miniature WordPress design
Microinteractions involve miniature WordPress design elements that encourage your users to take part in small but meaningful activities. By encouraging user participation, it ensures a better experience for the users as well as the site itself. Some of these activities include asking them to rate a particular content or express their views in a remarks box, choosing other articles and blogs to read, answering poll questions and even rating a blog entry or an image. Such acts make users feel that they are actively engaged with the content instead of passively viewing it.


Infographics have attained immense popularity in the last few years. They have greatly improved data presentation techniques and have also made it an engaging experience for the readers to go through large chunks of vital information within a short time. However, as most companies use this method nowadays, it has become necessary for companies to be unique with their infographic designs so that it can produce the desired effects.

Modular designing:

Modular designing
Another WordPress designing technique that has gained a lot of ground in the recent times is a modular design. Ideal for situations when a lot of content needs to be put inside a website, it involves subdividing the website into smaller sections all of which are self contained. It also offers visual patterns to users that can be easily recognized. Modular designing allows site visitors to directly get into sections that are most interesting to them. Sites that make use of minimalistic elements and flat designs often incorporate modular designing as it allows them to boost the content and shape of the spare elements in a page.

WordPress designing techniques are going through a change in the recent times and while these above mentioned techniques are still capable to produce the desired results, it is still necessary to reinvent them so that they can have the maximum impact. It is for this reason that companies are choosing to hire WordPress developers that are capable of combining innovation with effectiveness in order to create sites that are functional and meaningful for the end users.

12 Indispensable WordPress Plugins You Must Install

It needs a lot of efforts to make an accessible website. However, if your site is lacking functionalities or proper design, you are throwing a dart without properly aiming. Though WordPress is a powerful, easy-to-use, flexible tool to build a website today, and fortunately, WordPress offers a galore of useful Plugins to help you extend the functionality of your site and make it catch the eye.

Since there are millions of plugins out in the market nowadays, here are some must-have WordPress Plugins for 2015 and beyond to help you make out which ones are best for your website.  Some of these plugins are available free of cost while some are chargeable. But one thing that they all have in common is the fact they are all exceptionally well-constructed and perform their individual tasks in the best possible manner.

So, without much ado here’s the list!

Top 12 WP Plugins of All Time


WooCommerce, a free eCommerce plugin enables you to sell anything, ideally. Built to integrate without a glitch with WordPress, WooCommerce is the preferred choice for an eCommerce solution that gives both developers as well as store owners the total control. With great flexibility and access to hundreds of free and premium WordPress extensions, WooCommerce now licenses 30% of all online stores which is higher than any other technological platform.

WordPress SEO is not just an SEO plugin; it is a comprehensive website optimization package. Other than adding titles and descriptions to your articles, it also helps you to add open graph Metadata, publish XML sitemap, do page analysis and more. It is effortless to install, and setup to use on all the websites.

Akismet scrutinizes your comments against the Akismet Web service to see if they look as if spam or not and allows you evaluate and filters the spam it catches below your blog’s “Comments” admin screen. The URLs are also shown in the comment body to expose hidden or misleading links. The count of comments for each user is visible. And its discard feature assists by blocking the nastiest spam, saving you disk space and speeding up your website.’s official JetPack plug-in offers you a self-hosted WordPress blog with bags of extra features. The plug-in dishes out social media sharing options, After The Deadline, a grammar and spell checker, and visitor stats.

BJ Lazy Load supports your WordPress site in loading faster and saves bandwidth. By changing most images on your site with a placeholder, this plugin loads the content with a lightning speed when any visitor scrolls the page. The plugin works for all post images, content iframes, thumbnails, and Gravatar images.

Gravity Forms are a novice and developer-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. It can be utilized for adding almost any sort of online form to the WordPress site. It comes with useful add-ons that enable you to create an online survey, web directory, user submitted posts, or nearly anything where a user input is necessary.

The WP Google Analytics plugin facilitate users to track glibly and view search stats for a particular site or a variety of sites without leaving WordPress. This plugin brings the data into your dashboard without logging into your Google Analytics account. The rich functionality within the dashboard makes navigation simple when viewing one or more than one sites.

BackupBuddy is the simplest WordPress backup and migration plugin. It lets you rapidly set up an automatic backup plan for your website. You can store your backups in the cloud and be rest assured, knowing all your content is lend support.

Protect your WordPress blog from unexpected, massive traffic spears, and racking system performance with W3 Total Cache. This plug-in works by caching page, compressing databases, browser, and object data. It also improves loading time by delivering fresh blog data only as needed.

Sucuri Security caters as a toolset for security integrity checking, malware finding and security reinforcing. It functions untiringly in the background to keep an eye on all of the activity on your site, check there is nothing malevolent going on and swiftly alerts you of any impending threats. It is a comprehensive security solution that will leave with you great peace of mind and a secure website.

Soliloquy is the best responsive WordPress slider plugins that will load your sliders at furious fast speeds, unlike another slider that slows down your website operations that ultimately harm your SEO. It comes filled with features and even has a free version that you can immediately try.

My Content Management makes a set of custom post types, each with a custom classification and a set of generally needed custom fields. It has a single standard interface to build desired content tools. Besides the default field groups and post types, you can make new custom post types, edit the post types, and new groups of custom fields, and custom field groups that are innate. No default styling exists in My Content Management, so there arise no problems with conflicts between the plug-in and the theme.

Local Business SEO plugin improves your website with microdata for Yahoo, Bing, and Google. A stress-free and simple way to increase your SEO ranking. The Local Business SEO plugin notifies all search engines that your website is precisely a type of business located in the town you live. This plugin helps in local keyword searches like * Plumber* Restaurant * Car Dealer* Painter and display your website in their location.


All the above plugins are the best WordPress plugins in their field. But, you must use the plugin that is necessary for you instead of installing all of them and hampering the speed of your blog or website.