12 Reasons to Choose Laravel for your Next Web Development Project

Laravel , one of the most promising web application frameworks, have started gaining prominence as it is loaded with features that make web application development a commendable process. An open source PHP web framework, Laravel, is well known for some of its features such as routing, sessions, caching and much more. Are you in a dilemma as to why choose Laravel for your next project?

12 Reasons to Choose Laravel for your Next Web Development Project

Let me walk you through some of the reasons that will positively manipulate your decision when it comes to choosing Laravel Development Services for your next web project. Read on to find out about them.

12 Reasons to Choose Laravel for Your Next Project

1. Intuitive syntax rule :

The development process now becomes easy with the user-friendly intuitive syntax rules that Laravel has been imbibed with. This immensely helps the developer to write code that is crisp and clear to understand. Also, these syntax rules are easy to be understood, making it simple for you to focus on functionalities and performance of a web application.

2. Eloquent ORM :

The built-in ORM (Object Relational Mapper) of Laravel is yet another important feature that gives the developers a reason to choose this PHP framework. It refrains the developers from writing complicated SQL queries so that it becomes easy to perform common database operations. In addition to this, it permits the Laravel database migration, so that you can very well integrate database running on different development machines.

3. Blade template engine to enhance the development process :

The blade template engine significantly assists you in compiling all views into plain PHP code and cache them until they are modified. This also allows you to exhibit data along with extending layouts without altering the application’s performance.

4. The MVC structure :

This open source PHP framework generously thrives on the Model-view-controller structure. This immensely helps to bring clarity to logic and presentation. The plethora of built-in functionalities, better documentation, and enhanced performance are some of the advantages that you get to lay your hands on with the MVC structure.

5. Improve performance with queues :

Queue generously helps in accelerating the Laravel web application development. With this feature, you can delay the execution of a time-consuming task to a later stage. This makes way for other important tasks to function quickly without any delay.

6. Enhanced security :

Security is one of the most demanding attributes that we look forward when it comes to a well-defined web application. Laravel has an inbuilt security feature that makes way for an immune web application. The use of PDO by Object Relational Mapper, the CSRF protection feature, preventing cross-site scripting, etc. are some of the ways in which Laravel develops a secured web application.

7. Unit testing makes testing easy :

It allows testing of a single part or a unit of application with PHPUnit. It allows you to effortlessly write cases and conduct unit testing during the development stage. In addition to this, you can also conduct custom test methods that very well adhere to the distinct testing requirements that the web application project would be demanding.

8. Effortless migration of database :

Migration allows you to maintain database structures of application without having to recreate it. This is done by applying a PHP code instead of SQL. Migration of database helps to evade the risk of losing data in the long run. Moreover, this feature also allows you to rollback the latest changes that you would have made to the database. Laravel Schema Builder assists in creating database tables along with inserting indices and columns.

9. Artisan for a quick development :

The artisan could be very well defined as the command-line interface included in Laravel for web application development. Artisan is coded with a lot of useful commands that could be effectively used during your development stage. Apart from the standard commands, you also get the privilege of creating custom commands by running the existing Artisan command.

10. Route cache to speed up the development process :

Apart from the fundamental caching system, Laravel also has route cache that helps in the web application development process. This feature significantly allows you to enhance the route registration process. In addition to this, you can also make use of route cache to improve the performance of the website, by making it easy to deal with many routes quickly and effectively.

11. Libraries to the rescue :

Laravel is loaded with per-installed as well as object-oriented libraries that help in easing out the web application development process. Needless to say, authentication library is a well-known per-installed library that can be found in Laravel.

12. Separation of code :

Separation of code is one of the most celebrated features of Laravel as the designers and developers can make the necessary changes without interacting with each other. A designer can alter the design without having to disturb the developers who would be coding the web application.

Final Note :

Above-mentioned are some of the prominent reasons that will want you to choose Laravel for your next project. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose Laravel development services, one of the most popular and feature rich PHP frameworks, for your next web development project.


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