10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Expert

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most powerful tools to bring in the right amount of traffic to a website. Blending in the right SEO tactics will ensure a good traffic, resulting in potential customers accelerating the growth of your business. Having said this, when it comes to SEO strategies it is always advisable to appoint someone who is experienced and an expert in this particular domain.

Now, when you look out you will come across many SEO professionals with promising results and strategies. This sometimes puts you in a dilemma as to how to choose the best. Well, let me make this a bit easy for you. Before you hire SEO expert, it is always advisable to get your doubts or rather a list of questions answered well in advance so that you will get an idea as to how to choose the best.


10 Questions to choose the right SEO expert :

Let me walk you through the top 10 questions that need to be well answered before you hire SEO expert. Read on to find out about them.

1. What are the techniques that you will use to increase our rankings?

It is very important to be aware of the strategies that an SEO expert would be utilizing to direct the right amount of traffic to your website. Each and every expert has a predefined process that they would be using to get a website ranked. Talking about techniques, there is the on-page, off-page and technical SEO practices that are used to draw the traffic. Understand the techniques and strategies that they would be using to get a clear idea of their work mechanism.

2. Do I get to see some of your past works along with the results?

It is always good to have a look at some of the previous works done by the concerned SEO person. This will give you an idea of the level of trust that you can place on the expert. Moreover, it will also give you an insight into how effective the strategies have been when it comes to search engine rankings. Also, having a word with some of their past clients will help you in analyzing the prominence of their work.

3. How good are you in following the Webmaster?

The webmaster is one such tool that allows you to monitor the authenticity of the SEO techniques that have been used to generate results. Look for those experts who do not miss out on considering the webmaster guidelines. Having said this, it is important to follow the guidelines, pinned down by the webmaster, so that one gets to lay their hands on quality SEO results. Even the slightest of violation would cost you your website’s rankings. Hence, choose an SEO expert who religiously follows the webmaster guidelines.

4. Will you share the changes that you are making on the website?

There would be an instance where the expert would be making some changes to the website. Do you want to be notified of the changes made by the expert? Clear out well in advance whether you are comfortable with the expert making changes without your permission or does he have to take your permission every time he makes changes to the website.

5. How skilled are you in amending penalized sites?

What if your site gets penalized due to some irrelevant or rather weak SEO practices? Will the SEO expert that you intend to hire be able to get your site back on the right track? There might be chances of Google penalty hitting your website with updates in Google’s search algorithm. Hence, it is important to know whether the SEO expert has had any experience working with penalized sites.

6. How frequently do you update yourself with the algorithm changes?

Google releases a plethora of algorithm accounting to more than 500 times a year. These changes do affect a website’s search ranking, wherein a majority of them are subtle changes, while a very few bring in some drastic change. It is important that the expert is well aware of these algorithms to provide promising results.

7. What if we back out after a certain point?

There could arise some unexpected situation wherein you longer want to or not be able to continue with the expert’s services. Do they charge for terminating the contract midway? How will they deal with the confidential information? It is always better to clarify well in advance the consequences of parting ways well in advance.

8. What will be the expected timeframe for results to be witnessed?

It is important that the expert gives a ballpark figure of the time frame that will be required for the efforts to show results. Do not trust those experts who promise immediate results within a short duration. SEO is a technique whose results could be felt over a certain period of time and not in the near future. It takes time for the techniques to pave their way to the Google Pages.

9. How much will you charge for your services?

Inquire about the fees that will be charged for their services. There will be many factors that will be included in coining the fees amount, of which experience and expertise hold maximum relevance. Talking about fee structure, there are different strategies that different SEO consultants follow. It could either be a project-based, monthly based or hourly based fee structure. Choose those who have a convincing fee structure and that which easily fits your budget.

10. How flexible are you in terms of communication?

How proactive will the expert be in terms of communication? How frequently will the person communicate? How often will he be able to communicate the SEO rankings? Here the methods and ideology of communication would differ in terms of the type of SEO expert that you are intending to hire. An in-house SEO expert and an SEO expert who works on a freelancing would have a slightly different approach to communication. Quote down your needs on the frequency of communication that could be expected and accordingly choose an expert who could do justice to your requirements.

Final Note :

The aforementioned are some of the basic yet important questions that when answered will help you in choosing the best SEO expert. Apart from this, it is always advisable that you yourself are aware of the basic SEO concepts before hiring an expert. This would considerably ease out your selection process.


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