7 Pointers Every PHP Developer Would Love to Consider

We use different languages to communicate our thoughts and ideas in order to create a connection with a person or a group of people. PHP is a language through which a computer tries to create a connection with the user. The world wide web has a variety of languages through which it makes communication possible and PHP is one such language. It is one of the most sought after scripting languages in the world of web development. Many companies look forward to hire best PHP developer who could make websites that stand true to their needs and requirements. Are you one among them who wish to be considered as one of the best PHP developers? Here are a few tips that will help you with being regarded as the perfect PHP developer in town.

php developer

Here are a few pointers that a PHP web developer should not ignore :

1. Consider investing in some of the best PHP frameworks :

PHP has a list of frameworks to consider, wherein Laravel is set to rule the year 2018. Apart from Laravel, a PHP developer should also be well versed with CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Phalcon and other PHP frameworks so that you do not lose out on the market trends.

2. Make use of comments :

Do not stop yourself from making the best use of comment in codes. When a developer makes use of comment in the codes, it clearly highlights the credibility of the developer. At the same time be careful on over commenting as this might increase the level of inconvenience.

3. Error reporting to the rescue :

Error reporting proves to be one of the important tools that help to measure the worthiness of your development progress. Be it errors, bugs or warnings you will be notified of the same. Turn on the error reporting when you are in your development stage and accordingly turn off the same when you are done with the development.

4. Invest in a good source editor :

Lay your hands on a good source editor so that it could generously save your time with some really good edits. There are a few features that you would not want to miss out in a source editor wherein syntax highlighter, code navigation, debugging tools are a few of them.

5. Considering a good configuration file :

Follow the “one file fits all theme” wherein you create a single file to store all the necessary settings. This will impend you from saving a plethora of connection settings all across the desktop, keeping you well organized and saving your time during your development stage.

6 Leave the double quotes and hop on to single quotes :

As an ace PHP developer, make yourself aware of the difference between double quotes and single quotes so that accordingly you can make the best use of them. It is always advisable to use single quotes rather than double quotes to speed up the development process.

7. Encrypt your passwords :

There may arise a situation where a PHP developer tends to store all the sensitive information that which includes passwords without encryption. Avoid doing this as you may lose out some important data to black hatters. Make use of MD5 to encrypt such sensitive information and protect their identity.

Final Note :

Above-mentioned are some of the basic yet important pointers that will help you to become a pro in PHP web development. With these tips make yourself eligible for those companies who are looking forward to hire best PHP developer. Apart from this, you can also consider visiting conferences and attending many tutorials that are available online which can be very well considered to sharpen your web development skills.


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