Sketch – The first step towards fostering a great website!

Planning to make a new dish? What would be your first step? You note down the recipe so that you do not leave a chance of something going wrong or out of place. The next thing that you would do is getting it all arranged on the kitchen platform – all diced, sliced, the exact quantity of spices taken. This will make the entire cooking process systematic and organized for the best of results. The same method when followed for a website designing and development, would go a long way in creating the best of designs.

So, how do you start with your website designing process? Begin with sketching out what you exactly want to display on the online platter, followed by the sketch to HTML conversion process and development that gives way for a fully functional website. Sketching gives you a rough idea as to how the final results would be.


Advantages of sketching out your ideas:

Still not convinced as to why use sketch before your web development process? Let me take you through some of the advantages of sketching.

1. It’s a time saver. If you sketch out your ideas way before they are put into execution, you could save up on all the errors that were detected at the time of sketching and planning out things. This indirectly saves your time.

2. Verbal descriptions can sometimes prove to be quite misleading as there are chances of the idea or concept being misunderstood by the designer. When you have a sketch ready it will be much easier in conveying your thoughts and ideas to the concerned person.

3. Sketches emphasize the detailing of the website that would soon be launched on the platter. When you have a visual description things turn out to be quite easy and convenient at the development stage.

When you start out with a sketch you tend to be more and more clear in your thoughts and ideas as you get to the core of your ideas. Another important thing is that you get the idea as to how to go about with the things. Sketching would broaden as well as clear out your vision.

It helps in giving shape to all your concepts that were churning in your head. This way you could lay out a design on your platform. Basically, you set out a foundation for your website.

Final Note:

The road to success comprises of ideas and thoughts that would need a proper planning and implementation. The creation of a website too undergoes the above-mentioned ideas and plans for a fully functional website. The creation of a website too has a list of process and stages so as to get a good direction in terms of the end results. Before the sketch to HTML conversion takes place, the development of a website has to begin with an idea that needs to be given a platform for an existence. 


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