7 Foolproof Time-saving Tips and Tricks for AngularJS Developers

AngularJS, the masculine hero that has taken the world of web development for a ride, has millions of fans owning to its features and functions. Many AngularJS web development companies are doing a commendable job to bring out the best from all the technical aspects that have been laid out for them. A web development company’s name and popularity are all affected by the human resources that it is having within it. It makes sure to select the best of developers that ardently contribute to the goodwill of the company.

An angularJS web developer should not only be proficient in Javascript and AngularJs but should also be aware of the tiny steps that will lead them to a faster growth and success. So what are those tiny steps? The following paragraphs will answer the above-mentioned question.

Let us have a look at some of the technical tips and tricks that will help you in saving your time to make some of the best and most cherished web solutions.

Differentiate the things that would be put on scope and that which will be put in the controller. Do not overload your scope as it is the one that would be scrutinized quite efficiently. Once you are done with your directives the remaining should go as variables in the controller.

Data is the king of an application make sure that it is able to make its presence in all possible places so as to avoid being misguided. All the important elements must be put ints place properly so as to make the data available on the UI.

Learn to tame your Dependency Injection techniques so that you could easily glide your way to success. Make efforts to understand it thoroughly making it the only way to work with services or any other dependencies.

Always make it a point to play between the controllers. There are two methods that should be used extensively to communicate between the controllers and they are service and fire events. Exclusively using these two events will save your time quite considerably.

The DOM manipulation should be restricted to your Directives. Avoid doing the DOM manipulations in your controllers.

Batarang chrome extension is one of the best and most sought after methods to debug your application. Make extensive use of this technique to make your work quite smooth.

When you become more and more familiar with your codes and consoles you will be able to find all the ways in which the work could be achieved within the shortest period of time. Moreover, it is the determination and the perseverance that will take you to creating results that are quite elegant in nature. Moreover, you could save the file every time you complete a chunk of work so that next time if you break any functionality you could easily fix it with a simple Undo. An AngularJS web development company will benefit more from hiring a developer who is proficient with these basic and simple steps that will bring out some of the most admirable results of all time. 


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