Why Your Enterprise Must Pick Android Platform For Apps Development?

In today’s mobility industry, smartphones have become the backbone of business with rapidly emerging technological innovations. A large number of enterprises are trooping towards mobility solutions to increase efficiency and improve profitability. Also, nowadays, some mobile phones are so advanced that it is like carrying an advanced computing device in one’s pocket.

With multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and more that power our mobile devices, there arises a serious question for freelance developers as well as mobile app development companies that which mobile platform should be used? A solution to this question is inevitable before one starts developing a mobile application for their business.

The answer to it is Android.

Android App Development

Android is one of the most favorite platforms for enterprise mobile app development as it enables the business to reduce overhead and save cost & time, providing new business possibilities. Android also fuels custom development for building robust enterprise apps that foster business to function more professionally and reach greater heights.

Take a glance at the reasons for opting for Enterprise Android App Development

Android SDK offers extremely flexible and modern development framework with rich user experience. Android also helps in integrating several third-party APIs with the application, therefore catering to the business growth.

Android meets the requirements of the business for different types of apps like an app that bolster the entire system, or sub-system, or an app that powers the system itself. Android app is useful to various business industries as it delivers dynamic and scalable enterprise solutions.

Android apps are also cost-effective to develop and help in achieving the objectives of an enterprise in a simple yet effective manner. Android apps are also user-friendly, making it much easier for businesses to espouse BYOD policy.

Android apps make it effortless for enterprises communicate information, simplify conversations and work in-sync.

Android apps help to secure the confidential information of a business, thus decreasing the risk of trade secrets being revealed. Enterprise Android apps have robust security features to put an end to data theft.

Enterprise Android mobile applications can be integrated with Google Analytics, which gives information about users, their demographics, why users contact you, real-time reporting of customers using your apps and more. Enterprises can get a clear idea of how users interact with their app.

Android OS lets you build a feature-rich app with numerous enterprise- centric functionality and focus on usability aspect of generating great results.

Android app development will support your business in enhancing productivity, boosting employee responsiveness, ensure efficient customer service, improving sales revenues and upsurging the brand identity.

In a nutshell

Taking everything into account, enterprise-level Android apps helps business to operate seamlessly and bring in a higher ROI! Android is just the perfect platform for a simple as well as critical technical customization for creative enterprise mobile app.

Moreover, if you develop your app in Android, you only need to list yourself as a developer on the Android market, make your APK and submit it to Android. The entry barricade for Android is much lower as the approval process is quite elementary, which is not the scenario with its competitors.